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The Beauty Triangle Festival: The Future of Wellness

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Thank you to everyone who attended The Beauty Triangle Festival: The Future of Wellness. We welcomed 250 guests to the beautiful 180 Health Club on Saturday 20 January for an immersive wellbeing festival that brought together the best practitioners and brands across the wellness and aesthetics industries, for an empowering day of education and experience. 

Guests enjoyed live panel discussions, via “mindful headsets”, with the UK’s leading dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and wellness practitioners, while experiencing the latest in LED masks, sustainable manicures and skin-soothing facials. Some browsed our curated edit of wellness products in The Beauty Triangle Boutique; relaxed in the Calm Zone with a roster of restorative therapies such as ear seeding, reiki and CBD hand massages; or joined our mindfulness activities, such as sound baths and breathing rituals. 

Meanwhile, our designated Wellness Zones – The Injectables Suite, The Longevity Lounge, The Energy Room and The Light & Laser Lab – hosted face-to-face consultations and treatments with sought-after practitioners from industry-leading brands: enabling guests to discuss their aesthetic concerns, determine their suitability for skin tightening, try innovative muscle-stimulating technology and experience cutting-edge laser facials. 

Restored and recharged, all guests departed with an incredible goody bag worth over £200, filled with the latest beauty and wellbeing products – to continue the experience at home.

Catch up Now!

Listen to our inspiring conversations from the day itself… 

Skin Confidence: Where Hi-Tech Meets Holistic

This empowering discussion united three skincare experts, to reveal how to feel confident in our complexions once more. From managing breakouts and energising the face, to the power of the gut-skin axis, we explored cutting-edge routes to rejuvenation – both inside and out.

Panel – Sarah ChapmanDr Ifeoma EjikemeRhian Stephenson (hosted by Newby Hands)

The Psychology of Skin: How to Feel Confident in your Appearance

Our appearance can have a powerful impact on our psychology – with significant skin changes, and the passing of time, leading to diminished self-esteem. Together, we examined the results-driven solutions that can help us to take charge of our appearance: while reframing the narrative around what healthy, rejuvenated skin truly looks like.

Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar (hosted by Anita Bhagwandas)

Women’s Wellness: New Routes to Full-Body Health

This open dialogue brought together three female-health advocates, to discuss proven ways to feel revitalised. From tackling skin-related change to balancing hormones and restoring the pelvic floor, we took a deep-dive into womankind – while revealing safe and sustainable solutions to rediscovering a sense of self.
Panel – Dr Alexis Granite, Dr Sohère RokedClare Bourne (hosted by Rosie Green)

All About Hair Loss

Hair loss can be debilitating – and the root cause is often hard to pinpoint. Together, we examined the factors that can contribute to shedding, while revealing the tips, treatments and lifestyle changes that can help to restore follicular activity – for thicker hair and a healthier scalp.
Lisa Caddy (hosted by Jo Jones)

Modern-day Healing: How to Feel Supercharged, Inside and Out

This forward-facing conversation, in partnership with a panel of wellness pioneers, looked to the future of healing. From longevity-enhancing therapies designed to restore inside and out, to the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, we discussed the newest routes to rebalancing body, mind and soul.
Panel – Dr Galyna SeleznevaDr Mahsa NejatiRoss J. Barr (hosted by Polly Vernon)

Skin Deep: How to Future-Proof your Face

This no-holds-barred discussion drew on the expertise of three aesthetic experts, revealing practical routes to a fresher-looking face. From calming inflammatory skin conditions, to restoring lost volume and the role of surgical interventions, we took a closer look at the topicals and treatments that guarantee results – but also longevity.
Panel – Dr Mary SommerladDr Wassim TaktoukMr George Orfaniotis (hosted by Nadine Baggott)

Forever Young: New Routes to Building a More Resilient Body

We all know about the visible signs of ageing – but what are the changes that often go undetected in the human body? From the importance of preserving muscle mass to restoring your pelvic floor, we took a deep-dive into the world of longevity: discovering the most hi-tech routes to looking, and feeling, bullet-proof.
Dr Mohammed Enayat (hosted by Becki Murray)

Menopause Management: From Happiness to Hormones

This inspiring debate, with three experts from the world of women’s health, disclosed the treatments and tips to manage hormonal flux. From rejuvenating a weary face, to managing menopausal symptoms and cultivating a more resilient gut, we learned how to take back control of our skin, face and bodies – but also how to optimise them.
Panel – Dr Joanna ChristouDr Shirin LakhaniDr Federica Amati (hosted by Korinna Howie)

Skin Renewal: From Breakouts to Scar Management

When breakouts occur, scarring (and low self-esteem) can swiftly follow – so what are the simple steps to getting acne under control? From the role of laser to the power of combination protocols, we discovered how to take back control of our skin – and restore it to former smoothness.
Dr Anjali Mahto (hosted by Victoria Smart)

Go behind the scenes…

See all the highlights from our futuristic wellness festival….

In the Injectables Suite

We spoke with aesthetic doctor, Dr Catharine Denning, about common aesthetic concerns, the role of skincare and where Galderma’s portfolio of injectable products fit in…   

In the Longevity Lounge

We spoke with aesthetic doctor, Miss Sherina Balaratnam, about the evolution of BTL’s innovative devices – and how combining energy with muscle stimulation is the future of rehabilitation… 

In the Energy Room

We spoke with aesthetic doctor, Dr Matt Jarvie-Thomas, about the gold-standard in skin tightening, Ultherapy – from the ideal patient, to which treatments it pairs best with…

In the Light & Laser Lab 

We spoke with aesthetic doctor, Dr Leah Totton, about Alma’s Harmony Laser Facial – from its versatility in treating myriad skin concerns, to its relevance to modern-day living.   


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