Dr Martin Galy is acknowledged as a specialist in bio-identical hormone treatments (BHRT), which offer bespoke solutions for health and wellbeing maintenance. Born in Trinidad, West Indies, Dr Galy studied at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland from where he graduated in 1989.

Dr Galy has worked in various countries including the UK, Ireland and Trinidad. In addition to practising in different areas of traditional medicine, he also worked in general practice for 10 years and addiction medicine for a further 10 years.

Dr Galy travelled to the USA to learn more about the bio-identical hormone treatments (BHRT) in the restoration of wellbeing and health maintenance. Here, he trained in various uses of BHRT and soon specialised in the subject, gaining notability for his innovative approach to traditional prescribing practices.

Today, Dr Galy is recognised as one of London’s leading prescribers of BHRT, and is renowned for his empathetic and human approach. He co-founded 23MD London with his wife and business partner, Dr Suha Kersh, in 2015.

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