Mind – £45


A coffee alternative with immediate benefits to focus, mental energy and clarity of thought, this “wonder product” also works to protect brain health in the long-term.

Containing ten of the world’s most brain-boosting foods, Mind also helps to improve attention span, banish brain fog and even reduce oxidative stress. Consume before any task that requires concentration or pre-workout to boost blood flow and oxygen delivery.

How to Use

Mix with water, plant-based milk or add to a smoothie.


Cocoa Extract, Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavouring, L-Tyrosine, Beetroot Juice Powder, Lion’s Mane Powder, Tri-Magnesium Citrate, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Haskap Berry Powder, Guarana Seed Extract, CoEnzymeQ10 (Ubiquinone), Stevia Leaf Extract.

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