Dr Rachna Murthy is recognised as a Key Opinion Leader in the fields of aesthetics, periocular cancer and thyroid eye disease. She practised as a Consultant surgeon in the NHS for 13 years and her service has been internationally recognised. She enjoys faculty status at numerous international meetings, and the Allergan Medical Institute.

Dr Murthy is an experienced surgical trainer and as a leading periocular skin cancer clinician. She has helped pioneer innovative surgical approaches, resulting in reduced patient attendance and cancer recurrence with improved cosmetic outcomes.

Alongside surgical residencies in London and Cambridge, Dr Murthy co-founded and practises at Face Restoration, where she provides both surgical and non-surgical facial aesthetic solutions, as well as medical services for the eyes, orbits and lids, and the periocular area. Additionally, Dr Murthy teaches surgical and non-surgical aesthetics and filler safety to other doctors in Cambridge.

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