The Beauty Products our Founder Swears by…

From the skincare that really works, to the night-time rituals I can’t go without, these are my go-to products that never fail to leave me feeling, brand-new.

By Francesca Ogiermann-White

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After nearly 15 years working in the beauty industry, you’d expect my bathroom cabinet to be at breaking point: packed to the rafters with products to perfect every possible body part; towers of moisturiser jostling with dry shampoo; shelves overflowing with fragrances, face masks and all manner of outlandish grooming tools.

But you’d be wrong, because – after over a decade of trial and error (including a particularly vicious breakout from a multiple-step topical regimen) – what I’ve learnt is the power of using products that work. That suit you, and your skin, and that you can call upon in times of need: safe in the knowledge that they will actually work.

When it comes to what goes on my face, I’m super boring: a good cleanser, some hardworking serums and an SPF, nothing more. A few pumps of Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse, worked briskly into the skin before jumping into my morning shower, leaves my complexion soft, dewy and plump (it also has the most therapeutic scent – breathe deeply in the steam). Peak excitement is when I’ll pull a bottle of Dr Levy 3Deep Cleanser from the shelf, apply its slightly gritty (that’s the rice microbeads) to my face, then splash it off a few minutes later. Once the dead-cell-dissolving enzymes have got to work, my pores have practically disappeared.

Any good dermatologist will tell you about the importance of an antioxidant serum, and the Vitamin C powerhouse that is Skinceuticals CE Ferulic is the best out there. A few drops every morning goes a long way, and brightens tired skin while leaving it feeling noticeably firmer. Not forgetting a super-moisturising number, packed with hyaluronic acid – the holy grail of hydrators. Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Serum comes highly recommended by my face, though equally noteworthy is NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex.

Next up, SPF – and I’m especially partial to PCA Skin Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45, which is beautifully sheer and goes on like a dream. Though if I’m in a rush, which is most mornings, Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF 50 Invisible, is my go-to: it gives a flattering soft-focus effect so you can go without makeup entirely.

On that note: if you’re looking for an SPF that delivers a filter-like effect for the rest of your body, may I introduce you to UltraSun Glimmer. It’s flecked with tiny golden particles and leaves limbs looking airbrushed – which definitely takes the edge off slipping into a swimsuit at the start of summer. Though right now, I’m obsessed with Heliocare Invisible Spray – a cooling mist which requires little to no rubbing in (because I am fundamentally lazy). Better still, it comes in a jumbo-sized can that you can literally spritz upside-down, which makes application a breeze – especially on wriggling children.

If you’re heading to warmer climes, slather on some Meder Heavy-Legs Relief Gel for Tired Legs. I got through bucket-loads of the stuff during my pregnancy and to this day I still swear by it in hot weather. (The invigorating, peppermint-infused gel is also great at reducing puffy feet and ankles after too long in a pair of too-high heels). For a body lotion that packs a proper punch, I love Natalie’s Cosmetics Better Aging Body Lotion, which contains a mild form of retinol – leaving skin as soft as a new-born baby’s. Also highly rated: body buffing. For a spa-like experience, Bamford Citrus Shower Exfoliator is divine; when it comes to tools, my Nuori Smoothing Body Brush is great for improving lymphatic drainage and reducing water retention. Think of it like a daily workout, but for your skin.

Speaking of exercise, I’ve recently re-joined the gym after an 18-month hiatus (I’m loving being back on the Pilates reformer) – and when I’m done, I’ll whizz up a scoop of Form Nutrition Super Blend Protein with lots of ice, some unsweetened almond milk and a spoonful of almond butter. It’s the best re-fuel – and a special mention goes to the Chocolate Salted Caramel flavour, which is as delicious as it sounds. And while I’m partial (OK, heavily dependent on) several cups of coffee throughout the day, I also rate ARTAH Cellular Hydration – an electrolyte powder which you add to water (it’s an instant boost when you can’t face another espresso). Otherwise, try Indi Mind: a blend of cacao, beetroot and CoEnzyme Q10, its “nootropic” formula is like rocket-fuel for your brain.

Of course, we can’t get everything that we need from our diets – so I take Sanbera Daily Essential Women supplements, which contain all the vitamins and minerals to maintain peak performance throughout the day; as well as Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Youth Biome, which is a daily dose of complexion-perfecting Vitamin C and probiotics. Though when life is especially frenetic, I turn to Ross J. Barr. I fell in love with the cult acupuncturist’s genius Calm Patcheswhich he applies while you’re on the table with the needles gently cooking, during a treatment some years back. They smell strangely herbal, with a powerful scent that is deeply soothing. I’m feeling anxious or a tad overwhelmed, I pop the little circular stickers behind my ears and wait for them to work their magic. (It never takes long).

After all, when it comes to wellness, the power of scent cannot be underestimated. Before bed, I thoroughly advise wallowing in a tub with ilapothecary’s Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak (laced with amber and benzoin oil, it leaves mind and muscles practically sedated), followed by top-to-toe application of Skinesis Overnight Body Treatment, which imbues your skin – and subsequently, your sheets – with a soporific, jasmine-like fragrance. Pop some Dreem Distillery CBD Night Drops under your tongue, half an hour before your head hits the pillow, and you’re in for the dreamiest night’s sleep yet.

Author – Francesca Ogiermann-White