Dr Anna Marie Olsen, MD, PhD is an aesthetic physician and longevity expert whose visionary approach has been shaped by an advanced understanding of regenerative medicine. However, she also believes passionately in the synergy of art and science – and in combining these skill sets, she enables those in her care to achieve their optimal physical potential.

Dr Anna Marie’s unique protocols are devised to correct the skin, finesse the face and streamline the body, while holistic optimisation – from lifestyle advice and supplementation, to cosmetic surgery and complementary practitioner referrals – is at the core of her ethos. This complete methodology works to restore health at a cellular level and is the reason why her patients consider her to be more than a doctor.

Dr Anna Marie is an active member of AMA, GMS, RSM, IFAAS and a consultant for the advisory board of leading aesthetic medicine and energy based medical device companies. She is a Key Opinion Leader for the AMWC, a lecturer and trainer in numerous aesthetic medicine workshops, international conferences and university seminars, and also the co-author of medical textbooks and lifestyle medicine publications.

She is honoured to have been recognised as one of the UK’s best aesthetic doctors by Tatler magazine, and has gained extensive coverage in titles such as Porter, Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country.

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