Created by beauty visionary, Sue Y. Nabi and co-founder Nicolas Vu, Orveda offers a new approach to skincare which utilises cutting-edge, French green biotechnology, to deliver formulas which work with the skin and not against it to reveal your skin’s glow.

Orveda targets all areas of the skin’s Physiology using a combination of highly potent actives to heal the skin’s natural moisture barriers and empower skin’s superficial renewal processes.

Orveda formulas are up to 15 times more concentrated than traditional skincare whilst being kind to the skin. Orveda formulas are biocompatible and assimilated by the skin to achieve a healthy and long-lasting signature Orveda glow.

At Orveda, beauty is defined not as youth, but as glowing health – strong and beautiful skin at every age. We are 100% dedicated to delivering the signature Orveda glow – a fresh, dewy, natural look that rivals make-up – through products that work with your skin, not against it. Our unique complex of three powerful actives works to reinforce the skin barrier, feed healthy microbiome, and activate the visible signs of youth.

Orveda’s formulas are highly concentrated, clinically proven, green, clean, genderless and vegan.

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