Featuring multi-award winning and clinically validated medical-grade skincare and chemical peeling line, AlumierMD offers medical professionals a comprehensive clinical portfolio of therapeutic formulations. All AlumierMD & Alumier Medical products adhere to their complex formulation trifecta: Medical (transformative results are achievable), Clean (inclusive skincare suitable irrespective of personal choices), and Cosmetic Acceptability (products you can’t wait to use).

AlumierMD believes in protecting and developing the vibrant medical aesthetic sector and the entrepreneurial professionals within it. A ready-to-use E-commerce shop offers a secure platform for each of its medical partners from which patients can purchase skincare online, 24/7. Furthermore, a fully integrated reporting function allows them to track patient purchases and offer advice and recommendations via a digital Prescription Pad, while their patented tracking technology prevents unlicenced sales of AlumierMD, protecting the brand integrity. To date, their medical partners have earned over £12.5m profit from 24/7, online sales of AlumierMD.

AlumierMD – Corrective | Committed | Clean

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