Our Philosophy

We believe in putting genuine information, from the very best practitioners, out there – so that our audiences can take away expert advice and discover effective ways to optimise their wellbeing. While our events shine a spotlight on the most sought-after practitioners in their respective industries, they also offer a safe space for open communication and dialogue. Because in an era of misinformation, honesty and transparency is key.

Our Founder

Francesca Ogiermann-White is a writer, speaker and consultant specialising in aesthetics and cosmetic surgery. She is Tatler’s Health & Beauty Editor-at-Large, and Chair of the Press Advisory Board for BAAPS, with a degree in Curating from Central Saint Martins. Francesca is passionate about bridging the disconnect between patients and practitioners – while steering a new dialogue that informs and inspires. Helping others to discover new routes to wellness, while bringing a practitioner’s expertise to life for modern audiences, is what makes her tick.

Our Conversations

TBT’s monthly discussions are relevant, reactive and reflective of current developments in the wellness space. Our events cover a variety of topics: from menopause management and mental health; to cultivating skin confidence and preparing for a surgical procedure. However, we also invite dialogue – so there’s always time for questions and further debate.

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